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Vacancies can cost you time and money. They can create disruption in product development, sales and productivity. We are able to save your hiring authority's time by managing the recruiting life cycle and presenting pre-qualified candidates. Partner with us and save time and money! Fill out our Employer Request form or call us today at 404.288.8824!

The following is the recruiting full lifecycle framework and search process in which we, at Edwards Consulting Firm, Inc., approach all of our assignments. Our search process can be further customized to suit our clients' hiring goals and objectives.

1. Definition

This signifies the beginning of our search relationship with our client companies. It is at this time that we establish open lines of communication to understand our clients' businesses, cultures and position(s) requirements.

2. Identification

We research specific markets and sources for the target position profile(s), including our existing internal database and network for leads. On each search assignment, we identify appropriate internal and external resources for prospective diversity candidates. We further identify our top candidate(s) by utilizing behavioral-based interviewing techniques.

3. Assessment

We furnish a detailed summary of the most qualified candidate(s) for review and facilitate client interviews. We obtain feedback from clients and candidate(s) to ensure an open line of communication and "fit" for both parties.

4. Selection

Once a finalist(s) has been determined, we will complete background and reference checks. We also manage our clients' hiring offer(s) expectations, as well as the candidates(s) to ensure a win-win negotiation process.

5. Follow-up

Upon acceptance, we ensure that the candidate(s) has a smooth transition from their current work situation and the new organization(s) by assisting with the relocation and termination processes if appropriate. We also follow-up with both the clients and candidate(s) to ensure satisfaction after placement(s) is complete.



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