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Vacancies can cost you time and money. They can create disruption in product development, sales and productivity. We are able to save your hiring authority's time by managing the recruiting life cycle and presenting pre-qualified candidates. Partner with us and save time and money! Fill out our Employer Request form or call us today at 404.288.8824!

You, the employer, want to attract, employ and retain top talent in your organization. You want to enlist the help of a search firm, but you want to work with one that not only understands your organizational challenges but is also willing to work with your bottom line.

Our experience has taught us that you, the employer, are definitely looking for skilled and talented professionals that fit into your culture. We also know that you ultimately need people who have proven performance and can contribute to your organization's profitability. We believe that people who have passion for what they do, have a process for how they do it and have a proven results record of doing what they say they can are the most successful.

We are dedicated to finding the right person for your organization at the right time, whether it is an immediate need or one you are anticipating. We will work with you confidentially on your searches, whether it's a individual contributor to board member position or a diversity search. We know that employers believe diversity in the workplace is key to an organization's ingenuity. Whatever the search, we are here to ensure that the recruitment lifecycle process is managed appropriately and smoothly.

To service your organization, we provide executive search and contract services of mid-to-senior level management in the following functional areas:

  • Finance/Accounting
  • Sales/Marketing
  • Information Technology/Engineering
  • General Management/Operations
  • Human Resources
  • Executive Support






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